20 March 2009 Project updated.
More information, some new screenshots and pictures are published for Russian Mars Expedition project.

18 March 2009 Project updated.
Soviet Lunar Program 1975 project updated. Added some information and screenshots on project current development status.

05 March 2009 Project updated.
Russian Mars Expedition project updated. The work continues in parralel with Soviet Lunar Program 1975.

31 July 2008 2 New projects added.
USS Bekuo and Soviet Lunar Program 1975 projects are added. Pages for VASIMR, Russian Lunar and Mars Expeditions were updated (some new pics are added for last two).

31 July 2008 Site modifications complete.
I've finished with major site changes. Now you can see new floating menu design, which i hope will make site browsing and navigation easy. If you want some suggestions, bug reports or complains, please share with me in this topic.

28 July 2008 Major site modifications!
I'm updating the site. There is many changes in site structure and functionality, so please apologize me, if these days not all pages are in top shape.

29 May 2008 Welcome to the Orbiter Vault Forum!
Finally the forum was started today! Now You can post bug reports, questions and suggestions or easy monitor progress of my addons development!

10 Dec 2007 Project Mir-2(pr.1993) version now released.
Finally, new version of the project is released! Additional information can be found at Mir-2 project page. Two new future projects are added.

05 Oct 2007 Project Mir-2(pr.1993) updated.
You will find some new and some corrected existing information about the original project. Few new screenshots also was added.

01 Oct 2007 Project Mir-2(pr.1993) updated.
Added some new screenshots, status updated, now available for download. 3 my older projects are added too: Image Splitter, Orbiter Addon Information System and Varna City and Airport.

17 Sep 2007 2 new projects added.
I've published today two new projects: EasyTiler and Easy Mapper. I've also added one of the old projects - Corelian Corvette. All of them are available via download page too.

16 Sep 2007 Project VASIMR added.
This was one of my old projects. I've provide some additional information for VASIMR and made this addon available via "Download" section.
I've also corrected some information about Mir-2.

15 Sep 2007 Section "Links" updated.
I've added some orbiter links and other helpfull spaceflight resources.
I'm also added 4 screenshots from Mir-2 Project.

14 Sep 2007 Mir-2(project 1993) added.
This is the current project i'm working. Only information and pictures are available. Download package is not ready. I will place it when its completed.

13 Sep 2007 Site sections added.
I've added main menu and site sections. The site is still empty, i'm hoping not for long.

12 Sep 2007 Starting the site.
Today I'm officially starting my Orbiter dedicated site. Here i will place all addons i'm developing, and also i will provide information for planned projects too.



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