VASIMR craft concept, created by Dr.Franklin Chang-Diaz and AdAstraRocket Co.


Mir-2 (pr.1993)
The latest "Mir" station replacement project. Designed by RKK "Energia" it should be started at the beginning of the 1996 and be finished no later than 1999. Unfortunately it was never done, but some of the station elements ("Zvezda", "Pirs", NEP) are build and now form core of the russian segment of the ISS.


Fiction interplanetary spacecraft with VAriable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket drive. Design inspired by NASA project.


Further development of the EasyMapper.Used not only to download satellite imagery, but to generate automatically texture tileset for ground bases.


This tool can be used to download a satellite map of the Earth area from your choice for creating base tilesets.



Varna City and Airport
This ground base with tileset, airport and some buildings is the beautiful city, where I was born.


Orbiter Addon Information System
A software, that helps to track addons downloaded, installed, where installation packages are kept on disk and to inform for the archives contents.


Corellian Corvette
Corellian Blockade Runner Corvette from Star Wars movie. 3D model created by Sean Kennedy(Treybor) and came from website.


Image Splitter
A simple program, that splits one big image to parts, and names them using orbiter surface tiles naming convention. It can save time when creating a bases with many surface tiles.


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