VASIMR Interplanetary Exploration Vessel

The spacecraft i’ve developed is fictional, but is based on USS Bekuo design. In the time i when i worked at this addon, i have no information for USS Bekuo, just two brurry pictures. I was inspired by them and made this model, which have many differences and inaccuracies. All vehicle characteristics are estimate too. Later, whena i've found more information and had more expirience, i've created real USS Bekuo.




Project status:   Completed.

Release date:  11 March 2006


Future development:  

This was my first spacecraft addon, so it was only basic spacecraft features. Now with much more addon developing knowledge i've acquired these years i'm planning to enhance this old addon. I will create a DLL, similar to the USS Bekuo addon, with variable ISP, three cargo bays(incorporating Kulch's Universal Cargo Deck) with three manipulators(Kulch's URMS) and some other features. The new enhansed visual model is planned (only in hand-drawings for now), to make a ship a little more futuristic, but keepeng visual similarity as successor of Bekuo. I will work on it when i have time just for my own fun. If you have suggestions, ideas or just want to see this addon sooner, please write me at my forum.






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